DMS Recycling LLC specializes in post-industrial plastic brokering, re-processing, and recycling. Our processing and warehouse facility is located in Mount Vernon OH. Where we offer a wide variety of value-added services for industrial plastics which include shredding, grinding, labor-intensive separations and material baling, we also provide storage service on request.  We are able to analyze your plastic waste material stream, or locate a quality on-going recycled content stream for your product needs.  Our main products include plastic regrind ABS, PP, HDPE, NYLON, PET, PC, PS, LDPE FILM and Aluminum, Brass, etc.  Our brokering and direct sales contacts include both domestic and overseas opportunities. 
     Our employees have over 25-years of experience, marketing more than 3,200 different grades of plastic materials. At DMS Recycling LLC, we pride ourselves on creating value for our customers by delivering the highest quality service and products in the plastic recycling industry. 
    We strive to be a full-service provider to our many industrial customers, by offering metal and paper recycling services.